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What are the risks of artificial additives in food?




Artificial additives can alter the permeability of the intestinal barrier, increasing the risk of developing autoimmune diseases. Read more in this article.

Most industrial foods contain artificial additives that are harmful to health. These types of sweeteners and preservatives often cause long-term side effects. In today’s article, we address the risks of artificial food additives.

Although these supplements are safe for a short period of time, they affect markers associated with metabolic health when consumed regularly. Artificial additives can, for example, change insulin resistance values. In fact, regular consumption of certain artificial sweeteners significantly increases this resistance and thus also increases the risk of diabetes.

The risks of artificial additives: difficult to quantify

The biggest problem when assessing the risk of food additives is the lack of studies on their long-term safety. But there is nevertheless a lot of research that links the intake of these chemicals to an increased risk of developing certain diseases.

A study published in the journal Autoimmunity Reviews, for example, analyzes the consequences of these products on the permeability of the intestinal barrier. The changes are associated with an increased risk of developing autoimmune diseases in the medium to long term .

Possible connection with diabetes

An intake of foods rich in artificial additives is often correlated with changes in markers of metabolic status. For example, aspartame consumption has been shown to lead to an increase in insulin resistance. It thus creates a higher risk of obesity in the medium term. This shows a study published in 2016.

So, as you can understand, artificial sweeteners are not a good substitute for traditional sugars. You should consume them in moderation and in really small amounts.

The risks of artificial additives: greater risk of cancer

Most artificial additives are bad for your health. Especially those used in the meat industry because they pose a higher risk of developing tumor diseases.

In fact, studies such as one published in The Lancet link regular consumption of processed red meat with a higher risk of developing colorectal cancer. This is because these types of meat products are usually seasoned and regularly modified with artificial additives.

On the other hand, the consumption of white or red meat is not yet linked to an increased risk of disease. As you might suspect, it seems that artificial additives are the real problem here.

Prioritize fresh foods to eliminate risks

The basis of all healthy eating lies in the need to prioritize the consumption of fresh foods over processed ones. This is the best way to guarantee a proper supply of nutrients such as antioxidants. These can help prevent disease.

Industrial products often contain additives and refined oils, which are not healthy at all. You may not be aware of it, but they are high in trans fats. Consequently, they bring with them a higher inflammatory potential that is strongly linked to various metabolic and complex diseases .

Skip the artificial additives for a better diet

It is important to limit the consumption of processed foods when you want to follow a healthy diet. Unfortunately, we do not yet know what the actual consequences of the intake of additives are on the body. Therefore, the best recommendation is to keep them out of the diet.

The connection between red meat and the increased risk of colorectal cancer is demonstrable. For this reason, you should minimize the intake of this.

The quality of artificial sweeteners is another thing to remember because these substances can change the permeability of the intestinal barrier. This can increase the likelihood of developing an autoimmune disease.

In addition, the intake of these sweeteners can lead to an increase in insulin resistance. This parameter indicates a greater predisposition to diabetes and obesity. Given that both diseases are common today, it is best to be moderate in the consumption of foods sweetened with these chemicals.

Finally, remember that a healthy diet mainly consists of fresh foods. You also need to supplement this with regular physical activity.

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