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System Name: E-commerce app
We used: React native Description: Android and IOS application at the same time. We developed this just to solve the problem of hiring different programmers at a time to develop a single idea. This App can be used for all Android phone and iPhones. It also has a website and all are linked together. Launch: Hosting a backend, to publish it on Play store and App store Developed by: IREZON Ltd Last Update: 2020-09-25 07:50:18 Buy This!!
System Name: Vehicle parking system
We used: JAVASCRIPT, HTML, PHP,AJAX,JQUERY,CSS and Mysql Description: Nothing hurts like going to shop something and you find that all parking are full. We have developed that system just to solve this problem where you book a parking before getting there and no one who will park in your place. A vehicle owner has the privilege of booking parking on a specific time, and pay online . The system provide itself a bonus to someone who frequently use the same parking zone so that he/she will be encouraged to use it and to buy/visit the place around that parking. Admin has the access to view all vehicles which booked. System is full and carry everything needed in manual parking system like timing, vehicle type and reporting. Launch: hosting Developed by: IREZON Ltd Last Update: 2020-06-19 19:25:38 Buy This!!
System Name: Online school fees payment system
We used: JAVA-SCRIPT, PHP, MYSLi and HTML5 Description: Many schools use manual system while recording students who payed school fees or non. We have seen that and we concluded developing a system which will store permanently the data, calculate the remaining fees which is not payed and keep recording all information of bank where students pay. School accountant has the right to control all the system where he/she can add students, amount of money payed and bank branches used, modify his account for security purpose and generate report. Launch: Hosting Developed by: IREZON Ltd Last Update: 2020-06-13 10:56:10 Buy This!!
System Name: Hostel Management System
We used: PHP, MYSLi, HTML5 andJAVASCRIPT Description: Due to manual system, Many universities have no more information about students who live in hostels, others may lost their hard copies or even hard to monitor what is going on. We developed this system to solve all of these problem where students fill their information in a system before they enter in their rooms, and admin has the access to view all provided information including the taken room to a given student. These information can be printed. Launch: Hosting Developed by: IREZON Ltd Last Update: 2020-05-25 18:42:39 Buy This!!
System Name: E-commerce App
We used: Android Studio and Mysql Database Description: This App is more user friendly, Simple and Uncluttered Navigation, Simple Registration and Instant Information, Push Notifications and well developed. Launch: Hosting Developed by: IREZON Ltd Last Update: 2020-05-20 08:32:24 Buy This!!

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