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5 mental tips to lose weight more easily




In this article, we will talk about mental tips to lose weight more easily. Start using these methods!

Losing weight, whether it’s because you’re overweight or because you just want to fit into a special dress, is usually a healthy choice. Here are some mental tips to lose weight more easily.

First, we should establish whether we are within the range of what is considered our recommended weight. We can do this by using BMI,  as long as we don’t have a lot of muscle.

If you e.g. are 1.70 tall, your ideal weight is between 53 and 72 kg. There are several calculators on the internet that can help you figure it out.

If you exceed your recommended BMI for your height or just want to shed a few pounds for aesthetic reasons, these mental tips can help you lose weight.

Below we discuss the most effective methods that can make your journey toward your ideal weight easier.

1. Never shop on an empty stomach

One of the first mental strategies is to never trade on an empty stomach. This may be common knowledge, but many people forget to actually follow it.

Shopping when you are hungry is a big mistake because you are tempted to buy things much easier. Another psychological strategy is to ignore foods that don’t help you reach your goal.

Don’t be swayed by discounts on sweets and don’t be tempted to buy things that won’t hinder your weight loss, but won’t help it either.

2. Don’t leave certain foods where you can easily see them

Are you gaining weight or having trouble losing weight because you can’t avoid eating certain things you see? Another of our mental tips for losing weight is to hide foods that don’t help you.

Sweets and chocolates should not be purchased at all, and if someone gives them to you, you can hide them in the pantry or preferably give them away.

3. Eat slowly and without rushing

Sometimes you have to eat fast, but if you can avoid it, do it. When you eat slowly and without rushing, you can trick your stomach. You fill your stomach before you have finished eating, and therefore eat less.

If you tend to eat breakfast very quickly, try to wake up earlier. You may lose a few minutes of sleep, but it will benefit your weight loss.

4. Reduced anxiety can help you lose weight

Anxiety can be one of the reasons why you eat when you are not hungry. If binge eating is what’s causing your weight gain, then you should implement habits that can help.

The easiest thing is to start training. Exercising in the evening is recommended because you release all the stress you accumulated during the day.

On the weekend you can hike or take a forest walk. All of this is perfect for reducing anxiety and also losing weight on the coup.

5. Don’t eat until you’re full

Do you feel full when you finish eating? Do you always feel uncomfortable after your lunch break? Our final mental tip for losing weight is to avoid eating until you feel full.

Some ways to do that include:

  • Put less food on the plate.
  • Do not eat a second portion.
  • Skip dessert.
  • Eat foods that you know will fill you up comfortably.

We tend to eat until we’re full, but that’s not necessary. There is a point when we know we will be too full and suffer from slow digestion if we eat more.

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