10 things that motivate you to follow the Mediterranean diet

The Mediterranean diet is one of the diets most backed by science when it comes to health benefits. In this article, we will discover ten reasons to follow it.

Following the Mediterranean diet is one of the best options for those who want to maintain their ideal weight while staying healthy.

But what is so special about this diet? We invite you to continue reading this article to find out how much this diet can benefit your health.

Mediterranean diet

This diet is not just a series of nutritional recommendations; it is much more than that. It is actually associated with a  balanced lifestyle and constitutes an authentic cultural heritage of the region.

On November 16, 2010, it was actually declared an Intangible Cultural Heritage by Spain, Greece, Italy, and Morocco.

What foods does the Mediterranean diet consist of?

If you follow the Mediterranean diet, you can eat different types of foods as long as you respect the famous food pyramid, which lays the foundation for which foods you should eat daily, weekly, and rarely.

The Mediterranean diet is one of the healthiest ways to eat out there because it promotes healthy and balanced eating.

Foods you should eat daily:

  • Cereals: pasta, rice, and bread are some examples. Experts recommend consuming 30 g of bread a day and 60-80 g of pasta and rice
  • Fruit and vegetables:  the food pyramid indicates that one should consume five portions of fruit and vegetables (alternating) each day, which is 120-180 g of fruit and 150-200 g of vegetables
  • A glass of milk or two cups of yogurt
  • One tablespoon of raw extra virgin olive oil
  • Onions and raw garlic

Foods you should eat every week:

  • Fish
  • Lean meat
  • Red meat (experts recommend one portion a week)
  • Eggs: 2-4 portions per week.
  • Legumes and potatoes (experts recommend eating them three times per week)

Foods you should eat rarely

  • Pastry
  • Cakes
  • Candy
  • Sugar
  • Juices and soft drinks

1. It is considered one of the best diets based on scientific evidence

The Mediterranean diet is considered one of the most scientifically supported diets when it comes to health benefits.

It has interested the public for a long time, mainly thanks to its curative role in diseases associated with chronic inflammation, such as metabolic syndrome, diabetes, heart disease, neurodegenerative diseases, cancer, etc.

The many health benefits of following the Mediterranean diet have been researched and found to prevent and even alleviate many diseases.

2. It raises the good cholesterol

According to research at the Obesity and Nutrition Center of Biomedical Research Network (CIBERobn) and at the Hospital del Mar Medical Research Institute (IMIM), the Mediterranean diet helps the particles that carry good cholesterol.

This helps prevent clogged arteries so they can function properly.

3. It reduces the risk of heart disease

Studies have shown that cases of heart disease are less common in Mediterranean countries thanks to the high amounts of nutrients that traditional recipes contain.

4. It reduces the risk of breast cancer, heart attack, and stroke

A study showed that the Mediterranean diet reduces circulatory problems by up to 66%, heart attacks and strokes by 30%, and the risk of breast cancer by 68%.

5. It counteracts severe depression

A research team from Deakin University in Australia conducted a series of tests that determined that following the Mediterranean diet can help combat major depression .

Following the Mediterranean diet can help prevent and treat depression. Healthy foods have a positive effect on brain chemistry and mood.

6. It increases your life expectancy

People who follow the Mediterranean diet tend to live longer because it promotes longevity and lacks the aging process thanks to the foods being rich in antioxidants and high-quality nutrients.

7. It can help prevent and treat obesity

Olive oil is much healthier than butter and other vegetable and animal fats found in many other diet plans. Therefore, it is a good option for fighting or preventing obesity.

8. It helps reduce cognitive decline

Green leafy vegetables prevent cell deterioration because they are high in antioxidants.

Eating at least one serving of these vegetables a day helps slow the cognitive decline associated with aging,  which is supported by a study from the journal Nature.

9. It helps you reach your ideal weight

The Mediterranean diet is varied and low in calories. If you combine it with exercise, you will be able to reach and above all maintain your ideal weight.

Countering obesity also reduces the risk of many other diseases that become worse if the patient is not in shape.

10. Following the Mediterranean diet helps the environment

One of the foundations of the  Mediterranean diet is the consumption of fresh, seasonal food. Adopting these eating habits can thus help the environment by shopping locally.

Of course, you may have to adjust your diet a bit according to what is available in Sweden, but as long as you think a little, there are no problems.

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